What they don’t tell you about freelancing.

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This summer I hit a breakthrough.

I landed a $650 article writing gig. I know that’s small for a real freelance writer, but this was my first paid side job. I was already working a full-time job as a writer for a PR and marketing firm, which I only started a few months earlier after graduating college. This side job would bring in some extra money that I could use to treat myself and my family.

Finally, I was set with the multiple income streams everyone dreams of, and both of them were writing-based. I could refine my craft while writing for work all day, and…

If we want a better future, we need to stop deflecting blame and start making changes.

The Wounded Angel by Hugo Simberg

As we begin ringing in the new year I am baffled by the countless people welcoming 2021 with open arms and hurling profanities at 2020. Yes, 2020 felt like a disaster of Biblical proportions, complete with plague, locusts, and floods. People around the world struggled to get by as a global pandemic stifled our autonomy and took the lives of loved ones. Everyone is looking forward to moving on with a fresh start. …

After my post-grad dream job was rescinded, I received three offers from companies I did not apply to.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

In March I was coasting through my senior year of college and looking forward to starting my dream job. I had eagerly accepted an offer from a top digital marketing agency with a national presence. My paperwork was all complete and I was excited to begin after graduation. I would work in their sleek office, make a great salary, and enjoy company trips to their headquarters by the beach. Of course, COVID-19 struck and my perfect future evaporated.

I was not alone…

To be happy, rich, and satisfied, take notes from Gump.

Image via KDKA Pittsburgh with color correction

2020 has proven time and time again that “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” A pandemic, strained economy, political unrest, civil rights movement, and we still have an election to see through. I discovered that this was the perfect time to re-watch one of my old favorite movies, Forrest Gump. The film won numerous awards and was deemed culturally significant enough for the US Library of Congress to select it for preservation. …

It’s been our fight since our founding.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

America is overwhelmed. Inequality in education, healthcare, and employment are driving our nation to the ground in the pandemic. We have tried to pause and rewind, to rewrite the script. We protested in the streets for months on end. We overthrew a governing group that grew more reckless by day. We have a vaccine on the way.

Autumn brought a new season with the same struggles. Police are still killing unarmed Black people. Our hospitals are becoming overcrowded. The vaccine may not mark the end of the pandemic. For every piece of good…

Her wisdom changed the way I see the pandemic and life itself.

Photo by SJ Objio on Unsplash

My next-door neighbor always felt like a distant Aunt or Grandmother. She watched me grow from a newborn in my Mother’s arms to a toddler running around our backyard. I disappeared for college but came back to my childhood house as an adult to work from home during the pandemic.

My neighbor has a high-pitched musical voice that stretches vowels like honey. She was a nurse and often worked late nights or unusual hours, so we would not always see her around the neighborhood as I grew up…

Tyler Joseph stirred up a storm by speaking out with silence.

Photo via Tyler Joseph on Twitter

Last night, Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots became the new hot topic of internet ridicule. He tweeted the above photo with the caption:

“you guys keep asking me to use my platforms. feels good to dust these bad boys off.”

Today, vehement backlash catapulted his tweet to the top of Twitter’s trending topics. Tyler Joseph was one of the few celebrities who did not join the #BlackLivesMatter bandwagon despite fans encouraging him to leverage his platform in support. …

Inside his spammy, record-breaking email list

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

Two of my friends were among the thousands of young people who hacked registration for Trump’s Tulsa rally. Unfortunately, their valiant act of defiance landed them on the big man’s email list for his loyal supporters.

My friends’ complaints about Trump’s absurd emails piqued my interest. I work for a marketing firm and a large part of my job involves designing email campaigns for clients. I frequently spend hours a day analyzing open rates and clickthroughs.

I know the best practices of email marketing as well as illegal spam tactics to avoid. Trump’s campaign does both.

Based on the best and worst applicants I interviewed

Photo: Dylan Ferreira/Unsplash

Last month my boss asked me to put my writing assignments on pause and interview our summer internship applicants over Zoom. I’m not an HR expert or even an executive. I’m a 2020 college graduate that interned here last summer and only became a full-time employee this May.

Although conducting interviews is not necessarily my job, my boss trusted me to weed out weak candidates in this first round. As a human being with common sense and a smidgen of business acumen, it was not hard to pinpoint the clear winners.

Some candidates were immediate flops, while others had our…

Call her a TERF, but she thinks she’s right.

Photo by Carlo Allegri

J.K. Rowling sparked massive backlash with her transphobic manifesto (here’s a summary if you missed the latest). I will not attempt to delineate the misinformation in Rowling’s statements — Katy Montgomerie wrote a lengthy Medium piece expertly countering all of Rowling’s dangerous misconceptions. I am interested in investigating why J.K. Rowling thinks she is right.

Every person believes they are morally good.

Many evil actions come from a deep sense of personal morality. ICE camps in the U.S. are keeping the population “safe” from Mexican “rapists and drug dealers” stealing our welfare and jobs. Nazis “protected” Germany from…

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A young marketing professional looking at the world with wide eyes. Passionate about literature, music, and making each day count.

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